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Strange Injection, Possible Abscess


Tuesday morning I did a delt inject. Used a 25 gauge 1.5 inch pin and tried not to go in all the way. I was shaky and it was maybe one of the worst injects I have done. The needle was moving in and out. It bled. I thought it would hurt and there would be a bruise.

Thursday morning I notice it is a hard lump. No redness at that point.

Throughout the day thursday it must have become red because last night it had a redness in a 2.5 inch diameter all around the shot. Although it is not THAT painful. It may be hotter than my other shoulder just slightly. I drew black pen dots around the redness to see if it spread.

This morning it is still red but it has not spread. I have been taking 800mg of ibuprofen.

For the past couple weeks I had been using slin pins and injecting the same Test E into the delts with no issues whatsoever.

I have read the sticky but am freaked out. I know the gear is clean because I have been using it with no problems. I followed sterile injection technique. I have no fever, yet. I may go to the pharmacy and get a thermometer so I can be sure.

I really, really, don't want to go to the doctor for numerous reasons.

I took a picture of it last night so you guys could see.


I might add the injection volume was only .6ml.

I also might add that it is still rather hard, not boggy.


Sorry to hear about that Bence. I try and use a pin just long enough to sink fully so as to avoid trauma to the site. If you follow the advice in the injection pain thread, you should be OK.