Strange Heartbeat and Anxiety on TRT

I was at the movie theater today and I felt like my heat was not necessarily racing but more of a thick thump thump…etc… I felt my carotid artery and felt normal. I’ve been getting this every couple of days. If I take 20mg propranolol, it goes away in about 20min. It felt like I almost wanted to get up and take a walk but I didn’t… it eventually settled down.

I’m on 150mg testosterone Cypoinate per week divided into daily doses.

Does this sound familiar to anyone and if so…normal and will is pass?

How long have you been on your current protocol?

I get strong unpleasant heart beats and palpitations when iron is low.

I was on testosterone Scrotal cream for maybe 3 months and then switched to Cypoinate in the past 2-3 weeks. I’ve also added some hcg. But this one started prior to starting hcg.

Here’s the latest Ferritan:

I get strong heart beats on Jatenzo during the first week on a new dosage, but disappear after 7 days which is how long it takes to reach a steady state.

These issues you are having should pass after 2-3 weeks.

Your ferritin is too low.

If the Ferritan is too low, is my Iron result also too low, even though it’s in the ref range? So far, the dr hasn’t recommended that I supplement. Then again, she’s a standard internist.

Iron is 63. 38-169 ref range.

There is such a thing as iron deficiency without anemia, it’s far more common than iron deficiency anemia.


Autonomic dysfunction

Occurs in those very sensitive to androgens

Lowering dose can help

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Why did you switch from cream to injections?

Because some yrs ago when on injections, I had greater benefit. Greater benefits in erections and drive.
Then I stopped for a while and when I decided to try the cream, I noticed a bump in drive but no real benefit in erections.

The creams can be hit-or-miss because the levels go up and drop so quickly.

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