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Strange Health Problem. Help?


Okay, I'm not good at reading blood test results and I don't know what these things stand for, but I know they're not good:

Hemoglobin Alc is a 5.7 which is high and apparently at the tail end of the "increased risk for diabetes" section.

Estimated Avg Glu is 117 mg/dl

I don't understand how I am at an increased risk for diabetes. I weigh 170lbs, have visible abs and exercise everyday. I eat pretty low carb. My only carbs come from 2 servings of Surge Recovery at training time, a couple of slices of Ezekial bread after that, and maybe some berries later.

I would like to improve these health markers, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice? Yes, it was a fasted test.


Were you supposed to be fasted for your blood test?

Were you fasted for it?


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ok, dude, the high end for a normal A1 test is 5.9. i just googled it. so relax. But they always want you to fast before taking this test. that usually means going all night without eating. and no eating before you test.


was your fasting glucose <100? (and i don't mean EAG)


are you african american?

yes this influences results...