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Strange Gyno Problem

Hello guys im 18 almost 19 and did my first cycle (early i know but i did more than a year of research)

Note: i have a very low bf%

So my first cycle was

500mg test e a week weeks 1-12
50mg anadrol ed weeks 6-10

Gains were amazing that i didnt want to stop hahahaha

I had to use aromasin at 25mg ed if i used any less than that and my nipples would get sensitive (but no lumps) [everything is from the pharmacy so not underdosed]

After that i did 2 weeks of hcg
Then pct was

First day 120mg nolva
Next 5 days 60mg
Next 5 days 40mg
Then the rest of the 4 weeks 20mg

When i started pct i stopped the ai
And my nipples got sensitive and this time i had a lump so i went back on ai

After pct i wanted to eventually stop taking ai so i tapered down
And when i reached to 12.5 e3d
My mood was amazing libido was great, amazing erections everything was perfect
When i tapered down even more the lumps got alot worse and now there is even more than one lump there are lumps under my nipples and i can even feel a small lump under my chest. And those lumps hurt alot when squeezed

If you look at my chest it looks almost completely normal you cant see gyno
But the problem is the lumps://

Im back on 25mg aromasin ed and 40mg nolva ed
My mood and libido isnt as good as before but its fine.
i didnt feel the lumps get better but they no longer hurt as much as before.
So i took 0.25 mg caber yesterday because some people said that anadrol can raise prolactin

[note: i wanted to start a cycle after a week as i would have waited enough (time on= time off)

But i dont know what to do now:/ sorry for the long post but i wanted to say every detail
Any help is appreciated thankyou so much

Get blood work. You could have rebound into high teens levels and need a ai