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Strange - Gyno From Using Tren A?


I am getting gyno from tren A. I never had this happen before. I have had over 100 shots of TA and this two weeker is giving me gyno. This is my second two weeker of this batch of powder. The first run I think I felt slighly sore nipples right at day 10 but I was taking letro that run because I added dball. This go is just TA at 100mg per day for 10 and my weekly TRT dose of 200mg test c.

Also I usually get the sweats right around day 3 with TA and this batch no sweats until day 8. I wonder if the powder I got was not the correct product. I doubt the gyno is from the test due to its small amount. I have been doing this TRT a while with no earlier symptoms.

By the way I started taking clomid two days ago and I think because it hasnt gone away yet I will take some letro for a few weeks.


Yeah, sounds like your powder was contaminated.


Hi - OP, What colour was the oil? Also have you used any other products at all? Even OTC stuff..?


Unfortunately, trenbolone products are, depending on the supplier, prone to being cut with other steroids or entirely substituted, probably due to the fact that trenbolone is one of the most expensive steroids as a raw material. So there's money savings in cutting the product with some other steroid.

I think the thing to do is to assume, as you are, that the problem is estrogen-caused and treat accordingly, as you are.

And to get a different source for trenbolone.


It seems the only source to trust for tren is Finiplex! I bought this as a powder and made a homebrew. I did the melt test as I allways do and it melted just were it should. Ohh well.


Unfortunately positive (coming out as per literature value) melting point tests aren't actually conclusive, though in an actual MelTemp apparatus ordinarily one would see some difference in behavior when a second compound is added. Without the apparatus and just generally going on temperature from unmagnified observation, often not.

Finaplix is indeed the truly reliable source.


And to be more precise, Finaplix-H. (The S contains estrogen.)