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Strange Freckles after Lift

I had something interesting happen to me today. I was doing leg presses and when I got home I noticed that my entire upper body from mid chest up to my traps was covered with small red dots. My last set of leg presses was rather difficult and I’m wondering if I caused capilaries to burst or something?

I definitely remember my last set causing me to turn 12 shades of purple… is this normal?

You are allergic to Leg presses - never do them again.

Dude… Yeah, that sounds like a good case of not breathing enough. Perhaps turning purple during a set is not good?

Happens to me every time I max deadlift. Cool.

You burst some blood vessels is all. This happens when I have gone all out wrestling and also seems to happen when I vomit. They usually go away in a few days. I always get them around my eyes, cheeks, and upper back.


I can’t breathe when I’m trying to max out on something. At least now I know that’s normal. Hehee.

I’ve noticed this on me, and its similarity to “sex flush.” (Go ahead; I’m braced for the replies.) I think it’s connected to increased blood flow and heat, especially after taking Power Drive with B6.

A vague theory, and ripe for ridicule and snappy comebacks. Any takes?