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Strange Feelings on Andriol


Hi All,

Being far from my first choice but with unfortunately no other option, I have started a cycle of Andriol. I know that because of it's low bioavailability, pretty large doses are needed to achieve reasonable gains. I have chosen a daily dose of 360mg. That's 3 capsules 3 x daily.

Today is the second day of the cycle and I am feeling pretty off to say the least. I feel very restless, unnaturally anxious and I have been for a shit 4 times already. Not diarrhea just frequently. It's not very bad, I did go to the gym earlier, just feel like a come down after having smoked a couple joints. Is this just my body getting used to the juice and the speed at which all my body's systems are working? This is my first time on test.


I read some where you should take these caps with olive oil, it helps with the absorption of it... Anyone else back that up? Otherwise, andriol is a shit product. Did you procure these from a farmacia in Mexico??


No, a legit pharmacy in Dubai. They're the real macoy from Organon. Think I gotta stop the cycle as they're making me feel like shit. oh well. Bought 6 week supply as well.


Andriol caps should be gelcaps and 40mg each.


I see where i mis-read.

Seeing as it has only been 3 days, I would (most def) stick it out. I would suggest you do 3 weeks at least.

Have you changed anything at ALL other than adding the drug? Diet, Training, Lifestyle, stopped drinking alcohol daily etc?



Sup JJ

No mate haven't changed anything, I had to stop. I guessed that because I was only on it for three days I had nothing to lose. I do want to start it again but I really didn't feel good. Was so restless. I just felt that every system in my body was running on overdrive. I'm 26 and have been lifting on and off for about 6 years. Been solid now though for about 6 months. Not drinking at all, good diet and all the rest. Should I maybe start at a lower dose and build it up over a few days? Your help much appreciated fella. I really wanted to start a cycle of Enanthate but just couldn't find it anywhere. The only other thing I can get is Dianabol and Decca. All from a legit pharmacy so no problems about counterfeits. What do you reckon?


Oh if it helps, i'm 5'9, 200lbs, 9%bf


Did weeks of in depth chemical research, never enough though ay




HEY! what? I asked if he purchased it in a farmacia in mexico... I wasn't talking shit about mexico or the pharmacies down there... WHatsup?


lol chill out bro.


heh! lol!


What you consider a 'legit' pharmacy and what i do may very well differ my friend.

The issue you have had is certainly strange, but as far as i can see it there can only be 2 causes - two obvious ones at least..

1) They are fake. Andriol is a highly faked drug as it's retail price is so high.

2) You are hyper-sensitive to inhibition in some way - ie. there are a lot of hormones and neurochemicals that are inhibited with AAS, but only one is replaced - Testosterone.

I would be tempted to try an injectable T product. Simply because if it is fake it will just be underdosed to one degree or another.

I have no answer for you though, all i can say is do not assume that a pharmacy operating out of a foreign country selling steroids to tourists has the same regulations as Wal-Mart or Boots..



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Appreciate all the info thanks guys. As I see it, If you feel that you are at the level where the only way to progress is to need assistance from AAS, then make sure you do it properly or not not at all, I obviously made a bad decision to use a product that was not conducive to my goals.

Out here, AAS are prescription only meds as they are in most other countries. Occasionally though, you will a chemist here that will bend the rules for you. Good for us and luckily, you be pretty certain that the product is genuine. At the moment however, there seems to be difficulties from the supplier hence why I could only get Andriol.

Now what to do with $250 of Andriol. Lessons learned!!


send it to me for helping you out..


BBB, Would this potentiation of the central nervous system ware off after a few days as the body gets used to it?


BBB, would this potentiation of the central nervous system ware off after a few days as the body gets used to it?


JJ or Brook, which do you prefer? I'd be happy to, although it's about 115 degrees here so i'm not sure what state they'd be in when they finally got to you wherever you are, the States I guess.


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