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Strange Feeling In Biceps Doing Pull-ups


Tonight I experienced a strange feeling in my right bicep while doing pull-ups, it felt sort of like a band of muscle fibers within the bicep pulled and recoiled sort of.

Could this be that I by chance activated new muscle tissue that I had not reached before? (that's what I'm wishing= bigger gunz :slight_smile: )

Or did I perhaps injure something?

anybody got input? thanks


Is there any abnormal pain? Were you able to do more pullups after you experienced the sensation. Those would lead to injury. If you recover fine and nothing changes, power to you.


Yea I was able to continue altho not at full capacity because there still was this sensation in the bicep, maybe some of it (my caution) was psychological.

But other than some muscle soreness today I feel fine the arm is OK


be more specific. was the sensation near the elbow flexor, in the middle of the bicep, or near the shoulder?


it felt like it was in the middle