Strange Elbow Pain

Hey guys, long time.

I have a very strange elbow pain. It is extremely severe pain, however, it only occasionally aching. I cannot regular bench at all, but I can smith machine close-grip no problem (and wide reverse grip smith machine). If I extend my elbow it only hurts at one specific angle when I apply pressure. When it does hurt, it feels like my tricep is ripping off my elbow. I cannot do any tricep extension exercises. When I curl my tricep aches AFTER my set. It has been like this for a month.

I went on a pretty rigorous benching routine this summer and perhaps this is just punishment for it. If anyone can guide me in a direction I would be more than grateful. I have been lifting for ~6years, I have been injured before, not my tricep, though.

maybe try a foam roller / tennis ball to see if there might be a knot in the muscle you can get to relax