Strange Discomfort In Hip Joints

Today during Cross Country practice (not the best sport to lift weights in but im training for football, i thought it would help my indurance and speed) was doing pull down in the weight room. I was halfway through my second set of 10 when i had horrible pain in my hip joints, it has been about 5 hours since then and I am still in some pain especially in the right hip. Can someone explain how this happened. I was lifting.


It is most likely you’re hip-flexor tendon, which many boys in my athletics team have had problems with. Unfortunately it is a fairly avascular problem, so just giving it time will not solve your pain, as little blood will reach it (I found out the hard way, after multiple repeat-injuries running).

You can do that stretch to give it more flexibility and help prevent pulling it again, and if you do not feel the stretch in the right place simply put your knee touching the floor. The higher your knee is off the ground the further away from the hip-flexor you are stretching (and more the groin instead).
One thing to remember NOT to do is any hard sprints in the next few weeks - explosive concentric hip move will only aggravate it more.

Instead you CAN and SHOULD do some eccentric hip exercises like slow eccentric lunges, and the most effective I have found so far -
Make an “L” shape with your legs and eccentrically lower them down straight again, but try to use as little effort as you can getting into that L position (you can tuck your legs as you go up, then straighten them out and lower). There are variations of this with your legs spread out (90 degrees in between your groin), which will put more pressure on your hip-flexor and less on your abs (more advanced).

Though, Do NOT take my advice as professional or medical, it is only from experience and you should get a tissue-specialist to diagnose you - the problem may not be your hip-flexor.

Hope this helps!