Strange Cycle Advice

As the go to guy for pharmaceutical knowledge at my gym, I was approached by a guy with a dilemma. He started his first cycle as per my recommendation: 500mg Test a week with 0.5mg Adex ED or EoD as needed. He started out strong, but after a couple weeks he found he mentally couldn’t pin himself. He would go 2 weeks at a time with a pin.

He has no side effects to speak of physically ie. gyno. He does feel a little sexually inept at times. So far, its week 11 or 12 and he has finished a 4 gram bottle of test. He has another 2.5 grams available. I have tried to reassure him that nothing permanent has been affected as the duration inst drastic and his injection schedule resembles HRT protocol for the most part.

But I am at a loss as to what to recommend. Start PCT? Finish up the last bottle now that he knows I’ll help him with injections?

Thank you in advance!

Is it test e?

Problem is if he is going that long without injecting his levels have dropped pretty low, so by the time his levels elevate again the 2.5g’s will be used up, he will not have had much benefit, and he will have an even harder time recovering. Even if you were to do a frontload to immediately elevate his levels again, that 2.5g’s would be gone very fast, and would be pretty much pointless.

IMO I’d have him do PCT, restock on gear and give it another go once he has recovered.

Way; he has been doing the cycle in 2 week injections for the past 9-10 weeks.

OP; In am not sure what you are asking - it seems to be whether he should continue the cycle or stop it?

Also… youi said he was injecting 500mg/wk (with his frequency 1g E2W) yet he has used on average approx. 350mg/wk only.

If in fact he took you advice and chose to run the cycle in this infrequent manner while reducing the dosage significantly, then i would honestly stop advising him.

So with that i would coach him off the androgens and leave him to it.

If he had taken my advice and stuck to twice a week injections of 250mg for a total weekly dosage of 500mg and stable blood levels, he would have been okay and very happy with his results, as this cycle is touted as the perfect beginner cycle.

His issue lies in the fact that we had great difficulty injecting himself and only managed to do it approx (give or take a few days) once every two weeks with a full 500mg shot.

My question is, what is the best course of damage control for him? He has Nolvadex on hand and has been taking Arimidex.

Seem a bit snappy there boyo…

FWIW your original question was NOT about damage control, it was about whether to continue the cycle or not!

The likening his injection frequency to HRT and suggesting it is OK for that reason is really… not useful or correct. Especially when you consider that the frequency of HRT injections is notoriously problematic in causing issues for the user, which makes them eventually go elsewhere for drugs and advice as their medical doctors continuously let them down (for example, the ‘Over 35 Forum’).

I know the frequency was not your idea, but you did excuse it - he should be made aware it is not ok and that he either needs (in the future) to do as you say, or not do it at all.

Now, if the question was whether he should stop - as per your first post, then yes, i think he should stop. As i said…

But if the question is damage control - as per your second post, then you need to be a little clearer i think as to what you need…
What do you mean by damage control? i consider damage control something that is employed when you have sustained damages of some sort and you want to limit any further damage.

The thing is, you said he has no problems other than a bit of soft wood (to be expected really) so… what damage do you mean?

I would naturally assume you meant how he could best run his PCT… but as you are advising someone on cycling already, i know you already know all that!

Best of luck!

Start him on PCT right away, so he can salvage the 2.5g of gear he has.