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Strange Creatine Question


Has anyone else had a heating sensation when taking creatine powder by directly pouring into your mouth? If so, what causes it, other than just a chemical reaction?




I've never tried eating the powder. This reminds me of a time when a friend of mine forgot to add water or milk to his protein powder before heading to class. We were sittin there at our computers when he realized he had a shaker with just dry powder in it. He tried to down it anyway... Next thing I know he's coughing protein dust clowds all over his computer. It was hilarious.


^--that made me giggle...

OP, I do eat my creatine powder on occasion, but i drink plenty of water to wash it down. never had a burning sensation...anywhere.

Is the burning sensation in your stomach or in your mouth? I have no idea what you are getting at.


No burning sensation, just feels like there is a change in temperature. Thought it might be some sort of chemical reaction.


ive snorted it a few times for a laugh but never had a "warming effect"