Strange Chest Reflex

So for about three years now my chest has been doing this weird thing. I have no idea whats causing it and everyone I ask is more confused than me. I tried searching for it online but no luck yet. I even asked EliteFTS and they didn’t know.

Basically if my shoulders are relaxed forward for too long (it doesn’t take long actually) and I retract my scapula too quick, I get this instant and very forceful reflex/spasm. Also just touching the inside or outside of the pec makes it react. It also happens to my forearm. If my arm is in a flexed position then extended it will sometimes kick back up.

If I resist it too much as it resists me it can be slightly painful. Almost feels like its ready to tear.

I’ve tried all I could think of. Less training, more stretching, more sodium, bananas, more waters, whatever.

I’m starting to notice it in my lats too when I reach for things but its not nearly as dramatic.

So, any ideas?

here’s a video of it

that is ridiculous. Do you have to poke the origins and insertions for that to happen? And does it have to be after constant contraction?

I can do it whenever. It doesn’t matter what happens before hand, when anything touches the origin/insertion points it will react. I can contract it on my own but at no point in that video did I voluntarily do so.

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Well the beard is gone (Temporarily). And as for my chest it really is a matter of genetics. The video in fact doesn’t do it justice. I get a lot of questions about my chest but my chest started to stand out way before I got under the bar.

I’m really getting amazed at how rare this is apparently…maybe I’m the first and it will be named after me. Sweet.

I was definitely thinking that its a nervous system issue, then I read the posts and BBB said that already…