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Strange But Effective Exercise


So, reading the thread about the incline press got me to thinking about an exercise that I made up that is super effective for hitting the upper chest and anterior deltoid. Plus it's got the added benefit that people will look at you with that "what the hell are you doing" look...

This seems to work best with a hammer strength incline press. You begin by sitting sideways on the seat. Sit so that the handle is right next to your sternum. Grab the handle close to your chest. Situate yourself so that your shoulder blade is pressed against the back of the bench (as opposed to your shoulder). Then press! Simple as that :wink: Start with much less weight than normal to guage your capacity. This isn't as easy as normal incline press.

It seems like you could duplicate this with cables, but I haven't had luck with getting the same pump as on the hammer strength machine. When I was doing this exercise my upper chest grew like crazy!

It may sound stupid/simple/easy/cheating/weird, but try it, you'll like it.


Picture needed. I'm currently leaning towards "WTF" otherwise.


Are you referring to a lateral press? This was discussed about a month ago, but I can't find where. The dude did it laying on his side using a DB, I do them in the cables. If it's the same thing, it seems to work the delts more. Show us some pictures.


A cross chest press. CW had a contest to see who could do one lying on the ground. I think someone did it. I dont know if it was a staged photo though. The lying version takes an immense amount of core strength also.


Yeah, pretty much. But easier and geared toward your upper chest.

I'll take a picture when I get back to the US (2 1/2 weeks) and can find the right hammer strength machine. I can see how the explanation is confusing without a picture.