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Strange Body?


I don't know if this is normal..

If I'm standing relaxed in front of the mirror, my chest and the rest of my frontside upper body part seems hanging down..
As I inhale and keep a fair amount of air everything seems normal and quite muscular.

Is this normal?
Should putting on more mass solve the problem over time?


Unless its postural, which it sounds like it could be. Putting on mass should fix it.

Pics would help a great deal.


It does sound like your posture needs some attention.


If you pull your shoulders back, does it go away?

Then it's postural.


Okay, this is one of the few threads where I think we need pictures to know exactly what you are talking about.


Ok, I checked my posture.

I think its a mix of lacking mass and posture problem.

What do you think I have to do to get a good posture? Seeing a doctor?



they'll have no clue.

Maybe a physical therapist or a personal trainer who has some good experience with postural issues.


Or he could try standing up straight. People used to teach their kids to walk with a book on their heads to teach posture. I am all for seeing a doctor for medical reasons, but some of this simply takes conscious relearning and effort.