Strange Bloodwork Results

20 week cycle 1-12week of test175\w, tren 200EoD
12-20 - 350 test prop\w
1-20 week T3 50mcg
Two days after last injection PCT initiated
20-24 clomid 100, tamox 40, last week only 20 tamox.
Then I start mini diet for 10 days with 750-1000kcal deficit and done bloodwork (no SERMs for 10d before bloodwork)
E2 - 39.7 (normal range less than 51.1 pg\ml)
Free testosterone 69.5 (normal range 4.5-42pg\ml)
AST 36.4 (normal range 20-40UI\L)
ALT 26.4 (normal range less than 45UI\L)
BUN 6.9 (normal range 2.8-7.2)
Creatinine 82.94 (normal range 59-104)
HDL - 1.64mmol/L (no cardiovascular risk more than 1.55)
LDL 2.35 (less than 3.40 - no risk)
Free T3 3.87 (normal range 2.1-3.8 pg\ml)

Comment please what do you think. T3 and free test higher than high end range, free test like 150% highend. Could lead to problems? I know there’re no FSH, LH and total testosterone, but assuming this how free test level is so high when there’s no aas in the system? (8dec - last injection of test prop)

Probably from the serms would be my guess