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Strange Blood Results

Hello, I have a question for those with medical knowledge… I am female, small, currently trying to gain weight and am taking in well over maintenance calories- about 2200 and I only weigh a little over 100 pounds. I take in nearly 250 grams protein a day as well, which is why I was very confused that the results of my recent blood work indicate very low total protein levels.

So I know I am taking in enough protein, but to what should I attribute this to? My doctor gave me an amino acid complex and said to take 10 grams post workout and 10 grams pre-bed, but I have been already doing 10 grams EAA before, during, and after (along with 10 g bcaa and 5 g glutamine) my workouts. So its not like I’m not getting enough aminos.

My test and growth hormone levels are also extremely low, as is my thyroid. Cortisol levels are extremely high. So basically everything is messed up. Yet my strength in the gym goes up every week. So I’m really confused. What would cause my protein levels to be so low, when I am taking in nearly 2.5 X my bodyweight in protein?

higher intake is leading to higher turnover?

250g is so much for 100lbs bw.

I asked my doctor about that and he said thats not possible- it would show excessively high protein levels if I was taking in too much. He thinks it may be a malabsorption issue or something like that, but I don’t really have any symptoms like that…

Do you take oral contraceptives? The pill can cause low blood protein levels. Low protein levels can also be a sign of kidney , liver or malabsorption problems.

Did your doctor recommend further testing? Was he/she concerned about your numbers? Do you have the lab range values for each test along with your exact results? What diagnosis, if any, did your doctor give you?

You need to know this information in order to take charge of your health, rather than relying on us for answers.

Perhaps all the veggies you eat impede absorbtion - from previous posts you say you eat 3-4 lbs of veggies - did you mention that to the doc?

Yes the doctor is well aware of my diet. He thinks I just need MORE protein and MORE aminos so thats why he gave me the additional amino acid supplement to take before bed. I meet with him again tomorrow to go over everything else in the results so hopefully he’ll have some more advice.

I was just hoping that perhaps others had similar results before and could provide an explanation as to what caused theirs.

How much fat do you eat?

It’s possible that your body is burning the protein for energy. Are your other macros in check?

I eat around 50 grams fat a day, which is right on par with the .5 g/pound target that most recommend

You really should just talk with your doctor. He is the one that will know the whole picture. You said you would be meeting with him.

He is also the one that can offer you your best medical advice and the best explanation about your test results.

It is your body and your results, don’t leave his office until he’s satisfied your concerns. If you are still concerned when you leave either you didn’t ask enough questions, or your doctor didn’t explain things well enough. Both of those reasons mean you need to call your doctor’s office again.

If the doctor just can’t satisfy your concern, see another doctor.

[quote]skinnymuscles wrote:
I eat around 50 grams fat a day, which is right on par with the .5 g/pound target that most recommend[/quote]

and what about carbs? If you consume such a low amount of fats, your carbs must be high to get the energy. When you deprive you don’t have enough carbs, but more than enough protein, your body may revert to a process known as gluconeogenesis, the conversion to glucose from other substances. Unfortunately for protein, some amino acids are glucogenic.

This may be a source, it’s just a suggestion. Your doc should be the one explaining all the possible reasons to you, and get you retested once or twice more, just to make sure it’s not a freak incident.