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Strange Blood Results from EOD Dosing Protocol

I changed from E3D to EOD due to my SHBG level being 23. Here are the blood results (not good)

TSH 2.93 0.40-4.50

T4,Free 1.2ng/dL 0.8-1.8
T3,Free 2.9pg/mL 2.3-4.2
T3,Reverse,LC/MS/MS 11 ng/dL 8-25
Estradiol 42 pg/mL
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 19 nmol/L 10-50
Testosterone,Total,LC/MS/MS 741 ng/dL250-1100
Testosterone,Free 193.4pg/mL 35.0-155.0

Estradiol,Ultrasensitive 49 pg/mLHigh < Or =29

I am doing doses of about 25-30 mg EOD of test. Things look WORSE from E3D.

Smaller doses made my SHBG go DOWN?! Also made my E2 go UP!

@systemlord: maybe try lowering the dose? I’m at a loss here.

What the hell!?

Here is what my bloods look like on the prior E3D protocol: (50mg test e3d)

Testosterone,Total,LC/MS/MS 860ng/dL 250-1100

Testosterone,Free 178.9pg/mL 35.0-155.0

Estradiol 33pg/mL
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 23 nmol/ 10-50
Estradiol,Ultrasensitive 27 pg/mL< Or =29

You are forgetting that SHBG levels fluctuate all the time, if you want E2 to decrease lower the dosage. Remember more frequent dosing means your levels do not drop as much as they do injecting less frequently, you are keeping levels more stable and this increases Free T and therefore E2.

Your free T is higher on EOD versus E3D. Lower the dosage and Free T should decrease and E2 should come down.

Also when your SHBG decreased, Total T decreased and Free T increased and also E2 increased.

It difficult to nail down dosing for you because I don’t know if your result is from 25mg or 30mg EOD. It’s a plus or minus 20mg weekly has big consequences.

How do you feel? You were trying to see if increased e2 would make you feel better, right?

@anon10035199 I felt great at the start of EOD dosing. But then that clear headedness went away. Guessing that’s the slow increase of E2.

@systemlord I must admit, my EOD has been irratic: Looking at my log I keep, its a dose of anywhere between 24mg to 40mg EOD. I should account for the fact that a small change in dosing in an EOD protocol will make major differences in levels.

I am going to knock it down to 20 mg EOD and see where that takes me. Should lower e2 a bit.

The difference for me between 20mg EOD (496) and 25mg EOD is my levels on +20mg is 1053 ng/dL! There seems to be a non-linear increases in testosterone once you hit a biological threshold where things just get out of control.

You must find that tipping point and stay under it.

Thanks. I think it need to be more exact in my dosing on the EOD protocol.

My TSH seemed high too. Wonder if it’s an issue.

I’ve seen guys run multiple tests within a few months and all tests but one show a problem, thyroid problems are intermittent, one second things look good and the next they do not. If we could do a thyroid panel every day, a clearer picture would emerge.

Free T3 isn’t optimal and that may well be why TSH is elevated, especially if you are one who is naturally higher.

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When you change protocol you can go from feeling great to not so good then feeling good as your body gets used to new protocol.

Not sure how much time you gave my bad if I missed it

Over 6 weeks.

I’m hoping that i’ll feel better getting my test level down into the 650 range and that should pull down e2.

It’s interesting with TRT that sometimes less is more.

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