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Strange Biceps/Hand Nerve Issue

When doing curls, especially higher reps, I tend to feel this almost nerve pain in my hand, especially in my left hand, and my left bicep happens to have even more trouble growing than my right, but both have always had trouble growing so I thought maybe there’s some sort of correlation

My right hand is tingling as I write this… lol.
I have a similar issue due to a shoulder injury. There’s some good videos from Smashwerx (I think that’s how it’s spelled) on rotator cuff injuries and rehabbing those. Have you tried any mf release stuff or manual therapy? A lacrosse ball can work wonders. Some other things that may help (or at least help me when mine flares up):

  1. Try to do biceps and shoulders on different days. If both get a pump, it seems to exacerbate the issue.
  2. Do lots of face pulls and rows. If you have the same thing I do (which it sounds like it’s at least similar), stimulating the lats and posterior delts can help to pull your shoulders back and alleviate the issue.
  3. Donnie Thompson bowtie. Even workout with it on. If you want to try this ahead of time, he has a video explaining how to do a manual bowtie so you can try before you buy type of deal.
  4. Waiter’s carries with upside down kettlebell and scap punches before workouts to help stabilize the rotator cuff. Seemed to help.
  5. Focus on sub-scapular, shoulder, lat, and trap with lacross ball. There’s videos for different methods of attack, but try these.

You can google biceps tendinitis and rotator cuff impingement for some ideas.

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Hey, thanks for the response, I don’t think my issue has anything to do with my shoulders I’ve never had shoulder problems, but I do believe we experience the exact same tingling issue. Were you referring to mf release for the bicep? I haven’t done much of that

Mf release both on the biceps and the shoulder. You don’t necessarily need to have had a shoulder injury to benefit from mf on the shoulder for bt. Depending on the type of job you have and your lifestyle there are other contributing factors (desk job, bad posture, muscular imbalance posterior to anterior, training history, etc.). There’s some tests you can do on internal and external rotation of the shoulder to help assess if this is a contributing factor. Also assess suppinated curls vs hammer curls and see if there’s a difference with respect to symptoms in the two. Try doing curls with a manual bowtie and see if that helps.

I could very well be dead wrong as I’m not a doctor, but it’s worth a shot. At most, you’re out money for a bowtie and a lacrosse ball. You can also check and see if there are any Airrosti doctors in your area. Those guys are miracle workers when it comes to this type of stuff.

Hope this helps.