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Strange Bicep Exercise


I discovered this exercise accidentally while doing pullups.
Basically, on a pull up bar, take a slightly narrower than shoulder with underhand grip.
begin the pullup with elbows touching. go up all the way, but come down only until elbows touch.

I have never felt my bicep so stimulated. Do you think this is a dangerous exercise?


maybe - from just envisioning this movement I see a lot of torque happening at the elbows.


I can't touch my elbows with an underhand grip... I'm confused from this point on.



I always saw Underhand pullups as dangerous/foolish regardless.


Elbows touching what?



"My left biceps (brachii) is stimulated by curling."

"Hey, Babe, you want to kiss my right biceps?"

"Oh, dear, I think I've torn my biceps. My biceps is torn"

"I will now hit a 'double biceps' pose. Aren't my biceps nice? My left and right biceps are cramping."


Maybe your bicep wouldn't be so strange if you didn't do THAT exercise.



By the way, I heard Jay Cutler was doing that exercise when his bicep broke.



Hey Stu. I saw you today in a BB magazine talking about shoulder training.

'Stu Yellin'... government name, right? Nice one!


Yeah,. "I'm kind of a big deal around here" -Lol.

Actually, thanks for noticing. I liked the little intro they put about "What better Pros to learn from..." before the piece :smiley:



don't think i'd do this movement if i could, but don't things like your chest and the width of your biceps already prevent your elbows from touching? if you can touch your elbows together than i'd concentrate on basics until you are big enough whereby they can no longer touch.

i've got stu yellin poster up next to my bed!!!!!!


I have a tattoo of Stu's head on the back.

Of my penis. Life-size

For those who want to see WNBF pro Stu Yellin's advice on shoulder training for aesthetics, check out 'Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness - November 2011'


My pecs are too big for me to put my elbows together like that. Sorry.

Looks like I'll have to stick to that lame and old exercise, the barbell curl.


That'll never work. Look at the millions of BBers who have relied on that to build their arms and how... uh,.. nevermind.





I'm in serious pain only from imagining that exercise.


For some reason I keep picturing this as something a bunch of elementary school kids would try on a playground.

"Hey new kid! Can you do a pullup on the monkey bar with your elbows touching?! You wanna be a cool kid right?"

*kid does it

"HAHAHAH!! New kid looks like a retard!"


Please share why?


Underhand removes the emphasis from your back and places more stress on your biceps. The ROM i see most use ensures they dont get a decent contraction. I see a lot release tension whenever they get near the top and simply 'catch' themself at the bottom, which i see as putting a lot of unnecessary stress on a few tendons. Most turn the movement into a 'GET my head ABOVE this point and simply stretch my neck and wriggle'. Several other reasons, i mean take your pick.

I just dont see it as a worthwhile exercise. Some may agree with me, some may disagree with more. The world go round....


What you have just described is sloppy form! The same can be said for half inch, neck supported supramaximal squats, chest bouncing bench with crazy legs and anteriorly rounded shoulders, humping deadlifts with a rounded lumbar spine etc.

Chins or Underhand Pullups are a great exercise (when done properly of course!)