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Strange Back Pain BB Rows

I recently started switching into a strength related routine and im having a weird pain in my back during BB rows.

I row with a slight incline on my back (not perpendicular to the floor) to try and help with my weak upper back. And now that I’m able to increase the weight I’m having a weird pain in in my left trap area.

It feels like a stinging/burning sensation and not the kind of muscle fatigue I’m used to. It doesnt prevent me from completing the exercise, however it does bother me, any ideas on what this could be?

I on occasion get that, but for me it’s simply from stress. Try massage or deep tissue work, doesn’t sound like anything to worry about too much. If it concerns you enough, see a doctor, maybe you have a slight case where ur scapula’s are placed differently.

Same thing happens to me. I suggest you work through it.

If it hurts in that area then you are flexing in that area. Practice the motion with little to no weight using different muscles?