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Straining Mid/Low Traps & Rhomboids

I keep straining my middle and lower trapezius as well as rhomboids.

I carry most of my stress in my back and I guess that is why they are always tight.

My mid/low traps and rhomboids always seem to have knots in them and I strain them very easily.

I have strained them in both pushing (weighted dips & bench press) and pulling (weighted pull-ups & DL) exercises.

Straining these muscles derails my workouts.

They are impossible to stretch effectively and massages do not seem to help.

I think I have fibromyalgia which I know is a psychosomatic manifestation of stress in my body.

Does anyone else have this problem?

do you do enough horizontal rowing. You did not mention it in you list of excercises and it seems like most of the excercises you mentioned pull the shoulders forward. Eric Cressey has a good warmup dvd which might help. i think he addresed this issue in recent articles. laters pk