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Strained Trap from High Rep Squats

i did a set of 20 rep squats that were not that heavy (155) and on the 18th rep, i got a splitting headache. that was on friday and i have pretty much had a headache since then. yesterday, i moved my head the wrong way and it came back, full force.

based on the way it feels and how it came back, i’m fairly certain that i’ve strained some part of my neck musculature (probably my upper trapezius, right?!). if anyone has any suggestions about some rehab/recovery steps i should take (other than resting and eating fistfulls of ibuprofen) they would be much appreciated.

So it’s been a full week and you still have the pain. Well, you could foam roll, get a massage or go to a chiropractor (if you believe in those). Sometimes you can just take a baseball/softball and roll on it to work in there. I knew a massage therapist that would do that a lot to himself. But I wouldn’t do that if the pain is originating in the neck. High traps will be fine, but use your hands for the neck. And use a hot water bottle or Tiger Balm like substance to help the muscles relax.

Some people don’t like chiropractors because most of the times the pain just comes back and you have to keep seeing them. It really depends on the skill of the practicioner.

I did something similar a good few years back, one Sunday I squatted 145kg x 15 and BANG! it felt like someone hit my head with a 4x2, crippling headache lasted until Wednesday got to the doc and his opinion was that I’d torn part of the trap, no long term effect other than avoidence of high-rep squats!