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Strained Quad from Soccer


Looking for some help. Today I was playing soccer, and was helping a goal keep warm up. I had not warmed up at this point (even though I should have and know better), and decided to test the keeper by curling a ball near post. As soon as I made contact I knew I had pulled my muscle. I have pulled my hamstrings and groin before but never my quad. walking has become fairly uncomfortable, and I’m a little hesitant to stretch. I have iced 2 times today for about 15 minutes each session. I’m not really sure how to treat it. based on the location of the tenderness I’m thinking its either my rectus femoris or vastus intermedius, but it do feel it slightly medial. I feel it starting pretty close to my acetabulum and reaching down to slightly above mid thigh. I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I really wanted to hit this week hard for my legs because I have been slacking a lot recently, but this is going to be a big set back. I’m not sure when to start heat, anti inflammatories, and manual traction of the area. Also when can I start working on that area again? I like to be a little aggressive with getting back into it, but I know from experience I can end up re-injuring myself.

Some background info if it helps I’m 5’9" about 185lbs. I’ve started getting into lifting within the last year/year and a half so a lot of the lifting terminology and workouts I’m not very familiar with. When it comes to foam rolling, soaping up and knuckling in, and myofascial release I’m not opposed to making myself cry.