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Strained my Shoulder. . . Need Help


I'm not sure if this is in the right section so please forgive me if it is not. Last week I strained my shoulder bench pressing. It feels a lot better giving it a week to recover and I think I can hit the gym this coming monday. However, I can't do anything to extreme and I can't go as heavy on the weight as I could before I injured myself.

So I'm going to just try to rehab my shoulder a little. The problem is that I am not sure what kind of exercises to do without furthering my injury. I guess I should stay away from benching for a while because that motion with added weight would probably hurt a little. So what advise could anyone give me about working out my strained shoulder without injuring it even more?


I myself have terrible shoyulders. I've found that lots of rear delt work and overhead stuff keeps them fairly healthy. Make sure you do plenty of rear delt work like Face pulls and band pull aparts. Can you overhead press without pain?


I hurt mine 2 months ago and didn't do any exercise for it for 2 weeks or so.

I'm sure there are some sort of useful rehabilitation exercises, but I also think one shouldn't get all nervous about not exercising like a newbie and keep working out in fear of losing muscle (not going to happen anyway) and looking weak.


overhead press doesn't hurt that much without any weight and just doing the motion, so my guess is I would probably be in some pain doing overhead press.