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Strained Lower Back Doing Deadlift or Am I Just Sore?

I seem to have strained my lower back doing deadlifts about a week ago and I am not sure how to go about rehabbing it. I was not pulling too much weight only 225 for 8 reps but I do recall having my hips too low and trying to squat the weight up instead of pulling it and this was when I felt some discomfort in my lower back. I didn’t feel any pain afterwards I just felt a little stiff and my lower back felt a little bit sore but a different type of sore. I can only feel it if I bend over with my head and neck leaning forward or if im sitting in a chair and stretch out my legs until they’re parallel to the floor.

It got better since then and I deadlifted again today but I got the same stiffness and soreness and I also made sure to keep my hips high and back straight so I’m not sure what I did wrong. What can I do to rehab this?

Ive learned a lot about rehab on Youtube. Sounds like you have pain up flexion which causes stress on your lumbar spine. If you look up Performance Place Rehab on Youtube you’’ find a wealth of information that would help you stabilize your core. Essentially its important that you also engage the lats and also engage the trunk and glutes more with your hip hinging movements.