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Strained Hand?


This is going to sound odd, but right now the weakest part of my squat is my hand… specifically my right hand, near the wrist.

For the last week or so, when I get the bar loaded on my back I feel a twinge in my hand as the bar pushes back on it. It feels tight just near the wrist and the pain is kind of sharp.

I don’t recall doing anything that would have caused this, so I’m hoping it’s going to go away by itself, but what do you guys think?

I’ve tried altering my grip width but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I also felt a slight twinge when I benched the other day too, so I guess it’s getting slightly worse.

Attached is an illustration for clarity.

Too much…? Nah nevermind not going to go there.

I would recommend not wanking with that hand (although it is a mighty fine hand) and do the following:
Ice pack & Hot water bottle. Ice for 30 sec, hot water bottle for 30 sec. and just repeat, do that few times a day.

Above method fixed my elbow tendonitis in about a week, I do not know what your problem is and I cant be certain that my method will fix it, but I have a good feeling it will help

your avatar is hilarious but why are squats hurting your hand in the first place?

I’d have to check an anatomical chart but I believe there are 4 small bones in there. It can be an injury to one of them. Can be a bruised palm, etc.

I’d do the ice/heat as suggested, and man up. When I squat pain in my hands would be the least of my worries. lol jk


If you continue to do that, your wrist will break open exposing bone to the elements and cause minimal pain, because the damage is preferment and, you think of that the fact that it squats permanently should be stopped. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused with that, the bone of neck interval of the bone of Carpus of radius is miserable. That is rough and I presume that therefore you shall go to the doctor that is of the hand type.

Try to widen our grip on the bar when you are doing squats.

Like Gerdy said it is probably a bruise. Either that, or you have strained some ligaments/tendons due to the angle of your hand position on the bar. This is why a mentioned going to a wider grip.

I get that from time to time, to me its usually wierd positioning of the wrist when doing military press or the like. You probably held something at a wierd angle. Other than that there is always the front squat.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I’m going to try the hot/cold thing and widen my grip on the bar…

Sorry Chang_Lee, your post confuses and scares me.

Either something got lost in translation, or I’m going to be breaking my wrist open real soon now… but with ‘minimal pain’?

I guess it isn’t all bad.