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Strained External Oblique

Howdy friends. Looks like I strained my right external oblique doing a high-speed turn during some agility work. I have my own thoughts on management, but thought I’d put this out to all you educated meatheads, to get some more perspectives.

Returning to high-speed sprinting and agility is a major goal for me

Rest and let time sort it out by itself. LOL.

How’s the external oblique doing?

Pretty good, it was a very mild Grade 1 in the first place. Been using anti-rotation isometrics, will progress to more explosive anti-rotation and explosive rotations over the coming week

Oh good good. Some studies suggest isometrics for injury rehab decrease strength and power output, But hey, better than being injured. Just take it the rehab process slow brotha

Interesting, do you recall the titles of these? I’d love to read

Hmm… can’t seem to find them anymore. This was when I was using isometrics for my rotator cuff injury, which was 10+ years ago, so the data is most likely outdated. Sorry about that

No all good man, I’ll try and dig them up. Thanks for the tip!

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