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Strained Bicep?

I thought this was the best place to ask, let me know what you all think.

Had a big workout yesterday. Rack pulls, tire flipping, farmers, and some biceps to finish it off.

Today, I’m sore (duh) but I’ve got something going on in my left arm that’s not quite normal. It’s between my bicep and tricep, directly below my delt. It’s not major, but I can tell it’s there. Have noticed it several times when opening doors, using a shaker, etc.

I’m going to ice it tonight just to be safe, but does this sound like anything in particular? Possibly light bicep strain/pull? Let me know if you all have some thoughts, thanks as always.


I’ve had similar pain and it was rotator cuff issues. I know it seems strange but pain in the location you’re describing can be caused by muscles in the shoulder capsule. Easy to tell: put your hands between your knees and push outward. If you feel a sharp pain in that location it’s likely an external rotator problem.

In any case, see a good Physical Therapist and get checked out.