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Strained a Hip Flexor

Lately ive been writting alot of what about injury posts but i get good posts and PMs from them so here i go. maybe im over training maybe im being a puss, i dont know, but i pinched a hip flexor doing light weight squats today. I have a meet next weekend and im wondering how much better i could feel in a week. the pain starts when i start picking my knee up… any thoughts? peace

This happened to me too, around x-mas time. REST is the only real thing that helped. I saw a physical therapist and my MD. I got some NSAIDS for the swelling and pain. The physical therapist evaluated my flexibility and what not, did some massage, heat, stim, and ultrasound.

Lots of stretching and not squatting or deadlifting for almost a month, and its all better, it still tightens up here or there, but then i just stretching it and make sure its nice and warmed up.

when i say no squatting or deadlifting, i mean no competition style, I box squatted on a high box, above the range or motion that hurt, same with DL, just did rack DL’s or something else. Basically stay out of the range of motion that hurts it, stretch a lot, see if you can get some prescription anti imflamitories, and you should be good.

Still see a doctor and a physical therapist to rule out anything more serious. The above recommendations are IF it is in fact a strained hip flexor like I had.

I’ve done that many a time. Hip flexors are pretty resilient. Heres what i do, it’s hard to explain. put the hurt leg forward like the front leg in a lunge. Put it very far forward. Place the rest of your weight on your other knee, which should be behind you. Basically the bottom of a lunge, except the knee normally under you is farther back. Now that you’re in between your knees, try to push your pelvis towards the ground. you should feel it in the leading hip flexor.

looks like this

just get in that stance and push your hips down. I have strained one warming up, done that stretch, and ran my hurdles without pain. hope it works for you.

i did this too a couple years ago snowboarding it took about a month for it to feel 100% again