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Strain a Pec Doing Deads?


I strained an upper pec muscle last night doing deadlifts. How does this happen? Is it just indicative of the dead being a full body exercise?


a pec muscle? are you sure?? actually never heard of someone doing anything to the pec when pulling.


Wow, that's wacked out. Not sure how you did that...


its not that uncommon. the usual cause is a too narrow grip on the bar. i do this when i do dynamic sumo pulls every now and then, as when i dive bomb down to grip the bar, i get carless and pull with too close a grip.


Hey, maybe that's it? I do pull sumo and I do use what probably is a narrow grip. (My hands/grip straddle(s) the knurling/smooth line.) I'm 5'8", 190, and was pulling 395 at the time for 8 x 3's with straps.


Are you sure it's not the front delts?


One of the presenters went over this during the seminar; deads do use the pecs.


I've felt quite a bit of pulling and even cramping in my chest with heavier weights. On the top half of the move, I tend to push my chest out and flex hard.

The too narrow grip advice might be true. Also, maybe you're driving your hips up too soon and pulling with all upper body. No technical science here, just sharing in your experience.