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Straight Sets vs Working Up on Assistance Lifts

In your opinion is it better on any exercise after the main lift to work up to a max set similar to your size and strength workout or to use straight sets like double progression?

set 1 185x10
Set 2 205x10
Set 3 225x9 and maybe add 1 or 2 rest pause sets


3x10 with 205 same weight all sets


Both will work. What works best is the one that fits your neurotype the best. The first example would normally work better for Type 1A, 1B (although 10 reps is a bit high for Type 1) and 2A and the second with Type 2B and 3

Thank you for the reply

Hey Coach,

Big fan and sorry for buttting in but I have a question. I’m type 2A (i think or mb 2B) and I ve been watching John Meadows in regards of pure bodybuilding training. In a recent article you said that Meadows is a typical 2B and yet he mostly trains like the first example that @Zach11 gave. Lets say he does incline dumbell press, he would start doing sets of 8 until get to a weight he can barely can get 8 (sometimes 7) and this would be his final set (sometimes he adds his torture technique :smiley: ). So i guess the question is can 2B use the first example as well or should they stick to X sets * Y reps with same weight ?

Thank you for the wonderful and full of knowledge content that you provide.

I actually think both will work. I don’t think you will be able to tell a difference between the two if you get one guy that does one and one guy that does the other you won’t see visual results between the two. But if failure is really what stimulates growth then why wouldn’t everybody just work up to a Max set to failure and not do double progression if that’s what really is the research that shows growth