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Straight Sets vs Reverse Pyramid Training


For size and strength:

â?¢Straight sets "strength focused" e.g:
Set: Reps: Weight:
1. 4-5. 100k
2. 3-5. 100k
3.. 2-5. 100k

â?¢Reverse Pyramid Training "size focused"
Set: Reps: Weight:
1. 8-10. 70k
2. 8-10. 70k
3... 8-10. 70k

Are these ok? I'm looking to include them in my upper/lower routine, one week "4 work days" based on size and the other week "also 4 work days" on strength for continuous gains. I have tried them in a full body workout but it's too demanding, it leaves the 5x5 stuff in the dust.

Would you or have you already got these in your workouts? Any other great set structures I could possibly be missing out on also?


[quote]HugeEuge wrote:
For size and strength:

â?¢Straight sets “strength focused” e.g:
Set: Reps: Weight:

  1. 4-5.          100k 
  2. 3-5.          100k

3… 2-5. 100k

I thought you kept the same weight, but try to get the same amount of reps and actually beating it?

Not what a reverse pyramid is, looks more like a straight set. You are suppose to use the heaviest weight first, then lower the weight and try and get at least one more rep from the previous set. The amount of time between sets will dictate what you are trying to accomplish (strength, hypertrophy, fat loss).

Nothing wrong with adding intensity to a work out (ever tried 21’s for biceps instead of he usall curls?). Also, adding two work outs together and saying 5x5 (which is a singular work out) was left in the dust is quite short sighted. Add a reverse pyramid to all three exercise for 5x5 and see how easy it is…

Adding concepts to work outs is nothing new. It is actually a great way to shorten a work out or break a plateau or add intensity or etc. There are so many out there, but most are just that, concepts, not full out work outs.