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Straight Sets of Barbell Rows?


I am new to this site but am ready to upgrade my workouts. As I am starting the gain 50lbs in 12 months program can you please help me with some of the vocab. How do I perform the SS, Straight Sets? It says to just do 1 set of Barbell bent-over rows with the SS after the reps.

Does this just mean to do the set before it and with no rest to start the Barbell bent-over rows? I understand RP with the short break in between and that is what makes me think it just means no break in between since there is only 1 set to do. Thank you in advance for your help.


What program are you talking about? Do you mean Starting Strength?


He's doing DC.


Clearly you missed the part of the article where it says you should have been training seriously as a bodybuilder for at least 3 years before doing the program.