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Straight Sets and % of 1rpm - Question of Volume

Hi there,

I got a question regarding straight sets,or sets across where the same weight is used for all sets.
The recommondation be it accessory or sth else,should fall in a certain rep range with a certain volume which is done with a specific range of the % of 1rpm to get the results desired.

So for example, one suggestion would be to do accesories with 4x10 ans 70-80%of 1rpm.

I considered to lift volume up a bit.But if i do for example 8x10 straight sets,i NEVER will get in the desired %of1rpm range.

The same applies to “strength sets”:The recommondation here is lower volume and lower sets to stay in the desired range:
for example:
3sets with 3-5 reps of 85-95%of 1rpm.
Also here the case:
If i want to do more volume here:like 6 sets of 5 I will NOT get in the 85% range.

So the more sets you do with the same weight,the lesser the weight gets.

So my question here is:

How you guys increase volume for your goals,but be also able to train in the desired %1rpm range?

I currently do a DUP plan which involves strength parameters and also for hypertrophy.
I do 3 sets for each range per muscle group/lift but think of increasing the volume the next cycle a bit.
I really don´t get how this could be possible except with increasing frequency.

I’ve switched to 5 sets across on Mondays for strength work in squat and bench. I just did this on bench and started at an estimated 81% of 1 rm, for 5 sets of 5. Squat has been at it for some weeks now and I’m not really sure what I started at. I don’t really care about the percentages are as after a couple weeks, pretty much every workout is going to be 5x5 at a PR weight for 5x5.

What I’m trying to say, is that percentages are helpful for figuring out volume/intensity etc., but your 1 rm should be going up daily/weekly, especially if you are a novice/intermediate lifter. Your programming should reflect this and actually program what I’ve noticed to be about a 2-3% increase per workout/per week. Find a mildly challenging weight you can do for the prescribed reps and sets, but go easy at first to leave some room for progress.

If recovery concerns are handled, i.e. mainly food and rest, you should be able to handle a 2-3% increase for awhile getting all reps and sets.

For strength work, increasing rest periods to 4-5 min+ may be necessary to get the workout finished after awhile.

After I realized some of these things, my strength progression really picked up. The 2-3% is something that may only apply to novice/intermediate lifters (i.e. weaker) and somebody stronger than me may be able to comment on their training progressions.

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