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Straight Plyos

In the last couple of years I have gone from heavy lifting and plyometics to totally plyometrics, no real weightlifting. Ocasionally Ill still max out and my paused shirtless bench has gone from 385 to 415 in that time. I was a starting outside linebacker for a major university in college and am now more athletic than I was then. My routine is mainly rebound pushups for height, dumbelldrops, box jumps, and sprints. Ive heard Archuleta does similar training does any one Know details on his workouts?

Curious to see what your routine looks like, could you post it?
As far as Archuleta’s training, there was a big thread done on it. Search on the forums, and you should find it.

That would be interesting to see what your volume looks like and how long you plan to do this. Please include how many days a week you do this. All plyos all year round can be damn tough on the body and CNS.

To answere some questions asked I do 6x10 of the following: pushups were I through myself of the ground for height, dumbell drops for forward lateral and reverse raises(5 reps each), dumbell drops for curls, clapping close grip pushups, 10x60yard sprints or box jumps as above, each every other day. Ive been training like this, with enough varation to keep adaptation going, solid for a year. This routine keeps me at about 210 pounds with 5 to 6% body fat at 6 feet tall. A tip if you try this, you must have an obsticle to over come to make gains. Example on pushups dont just get of the ground, get over somthing, start with a roll of paper towels for both your hands to clear bounding side to side as if you were doing cone jumps with you legs. Also with the power Ive developed from this training Ill never go back to weights.