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Straight Legged Good Mornings


I'm doing the straight legged good morning. Am I supposed to fully lock out my knees? Because that seems to hurt at the back of the knee. I tried it a couple of times. Now I just keep my legs straight without locking out the knees completely.

Also, the bar keeps rolling off my traps. I'm using 30kg on the bar, so I prefer not to use the pad on the bar. But when I bend over, the bar keeps moving on my back. NOT a pleasant feeling.

So should I use the pad? Or is there some trick?


You should definitely NOT lock out your knees. That is a good rule of thumb for any exercise.

Also you should be able to hold the bar in place with your hands. Try restricting your range of motion during the exercise. You may want to google that exercise to get some pictures of how to do it correctly as well.


I've tried different sources, seen a couple of videos by they contradict each other on the basic elements of the exercise. Some advice to go parallel, other advice to restrict rom and not go to parallel.

I still don't know what to do...



This should give you a good enough idea of form.


Actually I was looking here:


They suggest going parallel


Well I had several links, some advising to go parallel, others advising to limit the ROM.


I think maybe the key is to go only until your lower back starts to round and lose its arch. Whether or not you go parallel will depend on how flexible your hamstrings are and how much you bend your knees exactly. I know that I can go right about parallel before my knees start bending more and my butt starts sticking out more as I sit back to maintain balance.

But I do think the key is not to let your lower back lose its arch because the flexion will start to open up your vertebrae and put outward pressure on your disks, and that's bad.

It may be a good idea to have someone watch for this cue. When doing this myself in front of a mirror, I've found that I'm surprised by how it looks versus how it feels. My lower back actually starts rounding a lot sooner than I feel like it does.