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Straight Leg Prone Hip Extension


My left glute isn't firing. I can tell because my right one IS. On my left side, I feel it more in my hamstring. I've tried stretching my hamstring before doing it and it helped a little bit.

What else can I do?


Do you do single leg work?


These a bit about glutes in there.

I would have more sex really focusing on pushing all the way through and squeezing the glutes at the end. hard.


It's reciprocal inhibition at work.

Stretch the shit out of your hip flexors, if they are tight, your glutes wont fire.

Try to flex your bicep. Now, attempt to use your tricep while the bi is flexed.. It doesn't work. If the muscle on the other side of the chain is tight, it's much harder to fire the one you want. I have clients stretch hf's for at least 40 seconds per side, and a GOOD stretch, I want it to be uncomfortable.

Then try some bent leg (very small angle) hip bridges from the floor with 5-7 second holds, to see if you can make that side fire more. Try single leg as well. Do all of this before you do your primary glute exercises. (ie - deadlifts, glute/ham raises)

Do the bent leg variation because in that shortened state, your hamstrings are going to have a much harder time firing.
I'm guessing you'll get a few hamstring cramps in the beginning, but just really focus on firing that glute.

Mind to muscle connection my friend.


I haven't been, no.


So if I can get it to fire better with the leg bent, it will eventually fire better with the leg straight???


You got it man. Just lessen the angle every few sessions. Make sure you stretch the hip flexors and really feel the contraction before you decrease the angle.