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Straight Leg Deadlifts


whats a good rep range to stay in? Should your knees be straight or slightly bent? Should you bring the bar/plates to the floor or stop somewhere around shin level?



I bend my knees very slightly, it gives me more lower back flexibility and enables me to bring the plates all the way to the ground and let them rest for a split second before pulling the bar off the ground(all while keeping my knees slightly bent). I am always still able to feel the stretch in my hamstrings so i feel like a slight bend works for me.

On warm up reps i will work from the 6-8 rep range. But i will max out at 3-5 rep range. If i hit if 5 times i will add some weight until i can't hit it 5 times.
If i do platform SLDL's from a ~6inch depth i will work in the higher rep ranges 8-12 and lower the weights to 225 or so and bring the weights all the way to the floor and back up. Obviously this rounds my lower back but at the same time i have had a bad lower back since 5th grade and when i started to go heavy on SLDL's my lower back has never felt better

If you only bring the bar to your shins, i believe that is called an RDL, not SLDL.

But honestly, do whatever you are most comfortable with. Take it easy at first if you are not used to doing SLDL's and try to keep a straight back until you learn more about your body and what your back can take.


Agree. I'd reccomend, purely as a safety precaution, not to attempt a SLDL with locked knees. If you go to http://www.charlespoliquin.com/Training/boutagy-part-1.php you can see tony boutagy's description of the exercise.As for rep ranges I'd probably say 8-12 as although the hams are majority fast twitch, the erectors arn't.


I was doing these as part of my routine, until I started to read more here about complex exercise. Are these really needed if you are doing exercises like dead lifts and squats, which heavily tax the entire back?


I'd say it is not needed for a beginner. You can successfully gain a good amount of size without adding this exercise. Higher frequency of squats and deadlift is better in my opinion. No need for more diversity at first.


The thing is, that these and RDLs are more for the hammies than the back.