Straight Leg Bentover Rows vs Bent Leg?

i guess this is a beginner question… i just wanted to know what is the diffrence in muscle targeting between a bent leg stance Bentover Row versus the Straight Leg stance and what is the proper technique for the Straight Leg…

i thought of this question while watching one of the older bb’s at my gym do the Straight Leg bentover row.

thank you

any input is great appreciated

For the sake of your lower back, your legs should never be straight when performing bent-over lifts.

You should maintain a slight bend (flexion) in your knees.

I have no idea. Using a straight leg just sounds like it’ll be harder to keep your lower back from rounding. Getting a nice full range of motion in your scapula is the key to rows, IMHO.

I never worry about this shit. Just find an exercise that works FOR YOU. If you don’t know what works, do what the majority of the big strong guys do until you find something that works well.

I’ll give you an example. DB Rows don’t do jack shit for me for width. Neither do chinups/pullups. I got the most lat growth from seated cable rows using the v-grip; I suspect this is because I round my upper back and really stretch my lats on the eccentric and arch my upper back on the concentric. Anyway, it works for me, so I use it as a main back movement.

My buddy gets excellent results using pendlay rows; I got lackluster ones.

I also find facepulls are great for my upper back; but I do them a bit differently than most, grabbing the rope with my thumbs facing the cable station.

It takes a good while, I’ll just throw out a number and say 8 weeks, to determine if an exercise is really working. Maybe longer. Maybe less. But constantly changing is only going to make it more difficult to find out what works well for you.

thanks alot guys i appreciate it. ill continue to work on my form with my bent knee

You should have a 45 degree angle between your legs and torso. Keep your spine arched and your torso rigid with your chest pushed out. Take a shoulder width grip and pull to your stomach. Those are the only real absolutes when doing rows to build bigger lats. Everything else comes down to comfort (foot width, supinated or pronated hands).

The angle in your knees has nothing to do with the activation of your lats. Keeping straight, locked knees will only limit the amount of weight you can use due to instability.