Straight eye for the queer guy

Just heard something on Stern about something like this.

What do you think if they made a show like this? I can hear it now: “It’s wrong! It’s against gay people!”

Queer Eye is a pretty damn funny show.

Although I do wonder if it’s encouraging stereotypes of homosexuals (and heterosexuals) that aren’t necessarily true.

Yes, we need a ‘Straight Eye’ show.

The straight guy will be the drill seargeant from ‘Full Metal Jacket’.

There is a “straight eye” show, “The Man Show”.


And a show with the drill sarge from FMJ. It’s called “Mail Call.” (You know he played a gay guy in “Saving Silverman.”)

Some stereotypes are funny. That’s part of what keeps them alive. We know when to laugh because we already know what’s coming. I’m not sure what effect, if any, Queer Eye ultimately has. It is funny, though. Even stranger is “Boy Meets Boy” with the some straight guys pretending to be guy for a chance to win money. I really don’t have a clue what impact that has.

The Gunny’s real name is R. Lee Emrey.

Gotta love the guy!

Made a good discovery this week-end. On cable in another county. I think the channel’s name was Spike - The first network for men.

All guy stuff. Even the ads. Finally. =0)

(Surely, there must be other ‘diversified grid’ clones out there…)

Saving Silverman was a funny fucking movie… Simply idiotic but hilarious.

Jack Black and Steven Zahn should do more stuff together.

“Die, replacement friends!”

Spike is TNT renamed.

Super to see you!

Spike is TNN renamed, not TNT. TNN started out as The Nashville Network, then morphed into The National Network, and now switched totally to SPIKE.