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Straight Arm Pullovers

I know there has been a lot of controversy in the past but i tend to believe Arnold when he says Straight Arm Pullovers can expand the ribcage (and no im not talking about the priscy machines).

            What do you guys think?

I don’t think pullovers (or any excercise) can actually expand your ribcage. Even the old ‘moon bench’ never really worked. Maybe an orthopedic surgeon…

Some machines are actually better than the barbell or dumbell versrion of this exercise. The machine’s let you use a lot more weight than you can with a bb or db with less stress on the elbows. You can also control the contraction better with a machine.

I like the BodyMaster machine best because you can control the height of the seat and the range of rotation on the upperpart of the machine.

i think if you beleive that pullovers can expand the ribcage, i might have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you…
think about pullovers really hard, any tell me if you can come up with any logical reasoning as to why the ribcage would be expanded by doing that. why would the body expanding the ribcage be a training adaptation for pullovers ? it makes no sense.

nothingx i tried really hard not to offend u but hey where all T-men around here well for starters have u looked in the mirror lately your not exactly the next Arnold maybe the next Mike mentzer but certainly not Arnold But if you want to take …your word over maybe the greatest Bodybuilder of all time then its fine with me but don’t bring your Mentzer training ideals in the T-mag Forum

So, Brett, because Arnold looked good then all his training ideas were correct and no one can argue with you??? That’s bad logic, dude. Arnold also thought ab work removed fat from the waist and did broomstick twists to “cut the fat”. The guy had great genetics and according to his unaurthorized bio began using roids in his teens (remember that doctor he always trained with?). Face it, what worked for Arnold just isn’t going to work for the average guy, sad to say.

As for pullovers, I read somewhere that they might expand the rib cage but only if you do them when you’re young and growing.

I read an article a while back on this subject. It said that it was impossible for pullovers, or any other exercise, to expand the ribcage.

Yeah TEk u have a good point im just Pissed about that samrt assed Mentzer.

                      Stay cool