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Straight and Gay Men Showering in the Military


For one i dont think open homosexuals should be in the military. But since they are, should a straight guy be forced to shower with them? The answer is no. For the same reason you wouldn't make women shower with men. It has nothing to do with anatomy. Most adult men have seen tits and vagina and most adult women have seen a penis. It has to do with sexual attraction between the sexes. This is why women don't shower with men. It is also why gay men shouldn't shower with straight men.

As you know, in America today, political correctness reigns supreme. This is why gays are even allowed in the military. In reading about this topic on other forums, some of the answers disturbed me a great deal. One answer was "a straight guy should not be worried about a gay guy looking at him in the shower because guys look at each other all the time in the shower". I thought is this person slow??? It's about the intent, not the look, and more than likely if a gay man looks at a straight man in the shower, its with a sexual intent.

Another argument was "if a gay guy checks you out, you should take it as a compliment and quit being a bigot". I think that most straight men would be disturbed about being the object of another mans sexual desire and would find it disgusting, not "take it as a compliment". It makes it seem like if a straight guy who would find it repulsive to have a man desiring him, he (the straight guy) is the one with the problem. No most straight men would not "take that as a compliment". Unless he's been castrated by sensitivity training or political correctness. I think this is just another attempt to push homosexuality is everyone's face. Is it now considered bigotry to not want another man flirting with you? Will it be considered hate and homophobia to for a straight man to only have sex with women?


Haha. Just imagine all the gay men you've showered with over your lifetime without realizing it. There were probably some in high school, in random pool bathrooms, at camp sites... you've been showering with gays pretty much your entire life. How does that make you feel?

Also, lesbians were looking at your mom naked at some point. Good luck getting to sleep tonight.


It sounds to me like someone can't take a shower in the gym without feeling it move...

Just because you can't help yourself and have to check out the dude next to you, doesn't mean that adults don't know how to handle themselves in the shower.

When I work in the Czech Republic and use the hotel gym, both the showers and the saunas are coed and nude. It's no big deal.




Grow up?


I shower at home. And if most straight men dont want to shower with gay men, why should they be forced to? Unless some agenda is being promoted, whats the big deal if a straight man doesn't want a gay guy seeing him showering?


It will never work. Although the official word from our leaders on high will be that everything's all right. I guarantee you all the tensions will be swept under the rug. All the same sex sexual harrassment will be blacked out. The violent retaliation against gay soldiers by straight soldiers will be covered up, unless it can be spun into a hate crime against gays story. It will be some mean ol' straight soldiers just beating up some poor gay soldier who just wants to serve his country only because of his sexuality. The constant sexual harassment, vile sexual remarks, and maybe even the fact that he tried to grope one of them will be ignored. The only reason he was attacked was his sexuality, no other reason.

Most straight soldiers don't even want them there. That was decided by the overlords of political correctness. Someone from another site posted this which I agree with: I served with a few gay guys, some who were my friends, and they preferred to keep their sexuality secret. I can pretty much guarantee under the current political climate that they will not prosecute under UCMJ soldiers that sexually harass those of the same sex. As soon as they do they will scream persecution and they will drop charges. The accusers will be ordered to shut up. Following the repeal of DADT there will be an influx of many well-financed very open and aggressive gay activists who will enlist to push their agenda. And you can bet that DOJ under Holder and the ACLU will immediately get involved. Will destroy combat effectiveness and troop moral in the combat units.



I will say I agree with one of your points, clip.

It is hypocritical to expect straight men to shower with gay men when a seperation is made between men and women.

I personally believe, however, that showers should just be co-ed in general. Military, gym, what have you.

I've mentioned before that I am in support of people fucking and loving who ever they choose but I do loathe taking a shower at the gym while some creepy dude peeps me and lingers on his balls as he lathers up, or even more blatantly opens his towel in the sauna and gooses himself or some shit.

Not that it is a regular occurence but it happens often enough and is very disrespectful. I've often wished homosexuals had a seperate locker room, even if a bad apple is spoiling the bunch.


Did you ever provide that picture proving you are who you say you are?


Well the Navy has been 95 percent gay since 1820, so we won't have any problems there. The guys can finally start dropping the soap unmolested, no pun intended.


He claims to live around me. I'll gladly drive to wherever he is with a case of beer in exchange for a picture. I guarantee that will never happen though.


I told you several times I have pictures in my hub, its up to you to look.


Who would've ever thought in this country that a heterosexual man that doesn't want to shower with a gay man would be looked upon as the one with the problem. Fifty years ago that would've been considered insanity.


Until you can produce one more with a bit of corroborating evidence like a note, then general assumption is that you stole those pics from somewhere.

But you know this, as I've brought this exact issue up probably four times now and you disappear as soon as you are pressed upon it. You even disappeared from your defense of yourself thread, which does not exactly lend credibility to your statements.

One more quick camera pic, sign that says T-Nation, same guy as the one in your hub. Until then, no one is taking your posts seriously.


News Flash: gay servicemen and women have been around for a very long time. Openly, too. And please cite your sources for "Most straight soldiers don't even want them there." Please.


I'll do it when I get around to it. My phone isnt working so whenever I get another phone is when i'll do it. I dont have to prove anything to anyone. This isnt the only forum on the internet. So fuck all of you.


I'll put it up whenever I get around to it. I'm well aware that most people on here dont like my opinions. Im well aware im too politically incorrect. However, I base my opinions on facts and logic. Something the politically correct crowd doesn't. Whatever sounds warm and fuzzy and doesn't hurt someone elses feelings is the opinion everyone is expected to have.


Time to come out of the shower closet.


Yes of course because anyone who does not approve of homosexuality is in fact a homosexual. Only in the make believe world of the PC are opposites the same. When I say I hate broccoli that means I really love it. (eye roll)

You should go back in to your politically correct closet, preferably without your computer.


If you've been paying attention, you'd see that I've been one of your biggest defenders. I've been pulling for you to prove everyone wrong for weeks now.

Also, I think you are naive about some things and could use a bit of perspective, but a large amount of the time I pretty much agree with your posts. Not always, but a lot, and there's not been one time that I've treated you with disrespect, ever.

All that said, with the lack of a response to multiple requests until just now, the conveniently "not working" phone, the questionably just-a-bit-too controversial, shit stirring nature of your posting history, it is starting to get hard for even me to stay on your side.

You can do whatever you want, and you will, but if you are for real, you might as well go ahead throw up one more picture and tell us all to fuck off in the note you are holding in it. Because you are just wasting your time at this point in posting at all. So many people no longer take you seriously because they think you are not who you say you are.

Prove us wrong. Please.