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Story Time


I just had to share this recent gym experience...

I've been training at a Bally's Fitness for the past couple months, which is super, as I have really seen a lot of unique and interesting things. The other day I saw something which was so incredibly brilliant that I must share.

When I pulled into the parking lot of my regular Bally's Fitness I noticed a nice Porsche 911 driving through the parking lot as well. This Porsche had some extras added to it, as the rims where jet black, the windows tinted and some other stuff I probably didn't notice, and it looked like it was probably a 2005 model or so.

Anyway, after I pulled into my parking spot right in the front row (one of many empty parking spots right near the front of the club) I took a minute or two to finish up my cup of tea before going in. I noticed the same black Porsche circling the club for the 2nd time, and then the 3rd time.

Finally, the Porsche stops right in the middle of the road in front of the entrance of the Bally?s (coincidently, right in front of the big glass windows behind which the aerobics courses are being taught) and puts its hazards on.

I'm still in my car watching this, now exceedingly interested in what was taking place. Out of the car steps the driver, clearly doing the thug thing (I should mention I live in an incredibly poor area, very high crime and poverty rate, very low education, almost entirely minorities [nothing wrong with that of course]) so this is not out of the ordinary to see someone representing ghetto/gangster attire. It is actually more quite uncommon to see any attire that deviates from this ghetto standard; however, it is not often you seem one of these ghetto denizens driving a car valued at over $100,000. Heck, it is not often you see one driving a car worth more than $3,000 or a car at all (usually bicycles with someone on the handle bars and typically in the middle of busy streets).

So he goes into the gym, I go into the gym. I proceed to do my warm-up etc. and then go into the free weight area. I find this guy still wearing all his baggy gangster clothing, big hoodie, boots etc. but he's doing leg presses in the hip sled machine. Then he does pull-ups, just back and forth between the two (not bad exercises compared to most of the people there working out). His entire workout must have lasted around 30 minutes that I watched... all the while his Porsche was sitting outside right in the middle of the road with its hazard lights on.

I should also add this guy was probably in his 40s so he probably saved up for that car for about 30 years. I just thought this was one of the most impressive displays by a wanna be pimp that I have ever seen take place at a gym. If any of you guys on this site are ghetto, live in a ghetto, are in a gang, are wiggers, are wanna be thugs or anything similar, please let me know if this is typical or common behavior now a days.

What a good way for one to leverage their dope ride to impress the people of Bally?s Fitness. I hope if anyone here drives an expensive car this scenario will give you some great ideas.


What a dumbass. Sounds like my nephew. There are about 200 parking spaces at the racquet club we belong to and the little homo parks in the handicap spot so people walking in can see his ride.

What's funny is the club psycho, who has more assult charges than I have hairs on my ass, went bezerk when he saw that car parked in the handicap space. He asked around the club for a month until he found out who it was. Unfortunatley for my nephew he got cornered in the gym one night and this guy scared the shit out of him. Altough I think he learned his lesson.


This line below is crazy funny! Funny story btw! NOTE Wiggers are losers, I can't stand them @ all!

I should also add this guy was probably in his 40s so he probably saved up for that car for about 30 years


Have you seen him since? I'm guessing not...


Nah son! That motha fucka got clapped right after.


Yain't from the south, are ya?

It's 'capped'.


What would be realy funny would be a big assed pimped out tow truck, fully equipteded with spinners, neons, and a boomin system pulling that badass porsche out of the parking lot and down the road. The owner standing in front of the aerobics window all slackjawed and pissed would be icing on the cake.


Clapped is 'to be shot' *1... Like fity cent says "If you love me tell me you love me, dont stab me, man. I'd hate to be in the benz clappin' one of my fans.

*1: urban dictionary.


  1. capped
    to be shot.


It would appear, boys, that according to Uban Dictionary, capped & clapped are both acceptable slang for getting shot.

Now play nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Clapped just sounds a little more homosexual. Capped is more rugged, kind of like how Masscular is a more manly version of muscular.


actually it's "if you love me, tell me you love me, but don't stare at me man. i'd hate to be in the pen for cappin' one of my fans"


The fact that your arguing the fact of it being clapped or capped is gay. Why not use the proper terminology of shot?


Because using slang makes us feel big and tough.


Cuz I'm frum da dere dirrtay souf, ya herr?


I actually tend to find slang quite erotic (as do I find most things).


hhahah shit. I was even thinking about checking the lyrics, too. Thanks for the correction.




You get the clap, you shoot the cap.

even i know that and i live in england where we dont have guns, rappers or STDs.


But you do have rubber fetishes and really shitty electrical systems (Lucas - the Prince of Darkness).


lol. way to shut me up.