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Story Behind Your Username

Quite a few of the posters have cool/interesting usernames.
I thought it would be interesting to share some of the backstories

Mine isn’t very interesting, but I thought id share to be fair
I used to hate my real name. Sometime in primary school, I decided that I really liked “Anna” so I made my brother call me that- it stuck.
5 is my favourite number. 8 is my brother’s

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Mine has been wannabe for many forums over many years. I think it comes from a long time of wanting to be something other than my current self. Rather sad now that you made me think of it :joy:.


I was studying for my econ & finance degree when I made this account - an iron condor is a type of options trading strategy. I just thought it sounded cool.


I am extremely curious about yours.
I spent the better half fo secondary school studying the USSR, so Kolyma came up a LOT

There was a cartoon that ran in the papers I used to read when delivering them growing up called Bloom County. In it there was a cat.

I thought his name was SkyzykS but I was wrong. His name was Bill. Bill the Cat.


OMG!!! That cartoon looks awesome!

Yeah. They were pretty funny. I’d always stop in an apartment building along the route to warm up in the winter and read the comics.


Without question my favourite cartoon strip of all time. Calvin & Hobbes is good too, but Bloom County is number 1.


Those were my favourite

I think there was a lot more there than I was able to comprehend as a 10-11 year old. :joy:

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I spent considerable time reading about European history in elementary school. My mom even got me an Ap Euro textbook LOL
Around 10-11, I was particularly into England, so both Calvin and Hobbes were very familiar
I’m pretty sure that comic plays a major role in my disillusionment with philosophy :joy:


I still deliver papers. This is spot-on.

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I read a book before ago, the name in french was " récit de la kolyma " from varlam chalamov.

I never read something like that about human being, and u can’t definetly not compared that with Soljenitsyne, Dostoïevski or Sergueï Dovlatov, is more hard, more truth maybe in this period, u read “see” a lot of comportment of human being, in the same time nature is always here but u see how peoples can acting for survive even not only for survive u will also discover what a man can do…

Always short novels in this big book, something like 1400 pages, 17 year in goulag… So i choice this name because before to come in this forum i was reading or finish this book, and kolyma stay in my head, iam not Russian but i was always interesting by this peoples, life, country but more about the fucking good writer

Voila voila


It was the early 2000s and L3375p34k was a thing and I had a punisher tattoo. It all seemed to work out.


Bee is my real first name. Napoleon is my childhood hero.

There was a period in my life when I really almost wanted to forget about Napoleon and considered that there might be better role models in history… Until a certain woman from my past had a phone conversation with me in which she spoke that she and her friend had a crush on me. I kinda already knew, but it was a pleasant confirmation. And you know what she said? She said my knowledge of Napoleon’s military exploits and my fervency for the qualities that made him great was what made her fall for me.

Yeah… Plus, the dude was my childhood hero. I don’t think it’s healthy to reject your childhood on the grounds of being ashamed of the mistakes you made as a kid. We all must continuously grow, no doubt, but we gotta respect where we came from.


My name is from an old Mr. Show sketch.


I used to wear a lot of polo shirts waaaay back in the day when I created this account. 77 was my hockey number. j is the first letter of one of my 3 names.

Nothin’ special

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I loved that show but never made the connection.

For at least a brief period when I was a kid, there was peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. I remember because I grabbed it thinking it was absolute brilliance.

It was not.

It’s a pretty obscure connection, but my loathing of applying mustard and mayonnaise from separate jars defines me more than anything.

It was actually a sequence of three great sketches parodying the pb&j mono jar products of the time.

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Yeah. I can’t get into that philosophy. It’s the borderline Rainman in me that requires some very specific proportions of condiments/surface area/total volume of food.

I had to give up on traditional coleslaw all together.