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StormTheBeach - Educate Us!



I am tired of all the activity (90% of which is pure crap, admittedly) going on in the BB Forum, while we are stuck with the same threads in here, so I think its time to invigorate things. There have been some good discussions from experienced lifters in the BB Forum about their own training, so I figure we need the equivalent here.

Since Meet has his own thread and covers pretty much any question you ask him there, I decided to start with another Powerlifting Forum great - STB! In case anyone is not familiar with him yet - this panda-bear deadlifts and squats in the 700s, benches god-knows-what, doesn't fuck around with the Hammerzzz Strengthzzz and BicepZ Pumpzzz and is badass enough to eat my and your mom AND ask for more!

So, STB, fill us in! I am particularly interested in your earlier training regimen and how you worked your way up to those immense numbers (since most of us are in that beginning stage of the strength curve). I know you played football in college and had a back injury , but how did you train prior? Westside / Periodization? Also, what is your opinion on training Raw Vs Equipped? Nutrition for powerlifting and gaining weight for strength.

Do share! I'll grab the popcorn




Not a bad idea. Unfortunately I dont have a someone in the gym to learn from so having some quality experienced lifters share their knowledge here would be excellent.


Damn it... now I feel stupid.

Continue....still would be interested to hear his thoughts on food and training raw tho


Fail....I keed I keed