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Storing Weight Vest?


I am just wondering. When you use a weight vest how do you store the weights that you use with it ? You don't keep carrying it to they gym when you want to use it do you ?



If you want to use your own weight vest in the gym, then yep, you'd have to schlep it with you each time. If you're friendly with any of the trainers, or maybe the front desk crew, you might be able to ask them to store it for you someplace, but that's opening a can of worms (it can "walk off" mysteriously, people could use it when you need it, other trainers could use it with clients, etc).

I once had something similar happen with boxing pads when I was working as a trainer. I kept them to use with clients, but soon found out that they basically became "public property" regardless of where I stored them.

So yeah, best bet is to just bring it with you when you need it and bring it home after. It'll be a hassle, but, so's training. :wink:


Sorry . Actually my question is not about the weight vest but the weights that you use with it. How do you store it ?


If the weights are removable, like in little pockets/pouches or whatever, take them out when not in use. It's probably not a huge deal, but over time it could help reduce general wear and tear.


My question is those weights. How do you store them ? Do you keep bringing them to the gym ? That would be very heavy


Yes, you keep bringing it to the gym. His initial response to your question covered this.


You're going to the gym, presumably to get stronger, and you're complaining that it'd be very heavy?

In light of Chris' answer I can't believe I have to actually say this, but have you considered only bringing the weights that you want to use? The other weights don't have to be within a 10 foot radius of the vest at all times...


Just walk to the gym daily, then twice daily(with it).
It will save you the gym membership
Voila !
Side effect is you will know what it is to carry excess weight and may prevent future weight gains from excess.
Next vacation might be a Katmando trip paid by customer.