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Storing Weight in Lower Body

Does anyone else have this problem? i was/am an extreme ecto with a very wide hip structure and narrow clavicles. Been bulking for almost 2 years and look like shit, my ass is huge and i can only just fit in size 36 jeans despite my waist being 34. My thighs are about 26" which isnt massive but they gain size, weight and fat easier than everything else.

My chest is 43" (was 35) and my arms are 15". I really hammer my upper body and enjoy training it, but the weight just doesnt want to go there. I look like somebody got the torso of a 5’7 150lb guy and stuck it on some huge hips and fat legs.

Pics or GTFO.


dammit. i was gonna say that :frowning:


then e.g., of your training (about how much weight you are moving and the kinds of programs you are doing)

then e.g., of your nutrition…

maybe you got a metabolic problem and should go and see a doc… or maybe you should lay off estrogens because you are storing fat like a chick… or maybe you got a body image problem (my ass looks fat in this whinge moan) or maybe you used your ‘bulk’ as an excuse to eat like shit and you got fat all over or…

how the hell do you think we are supposed to be able to tell without information. i mean really. you want me to wave my magic wand and cure you, too??

Could be a few things. Maybe you just store fat in an unfortunate way which would improve once you lean out. How are your lower body lifts compared to your upper body ones? A big strength disparity could be part of the problem.

If your clavicles are truly very narrow in relation to your hips then you will need to find strategies to overcome that. I have found focusing on lateral raises to build the sides of the deltoid helps. On the plus side you will have an easier time building a strong squat and deadlift.

Im definitley not imagining it, everyone says it to me. My family constantly mentions it, my sister said “isnt there a way you can make the weight go to your upper body instead?” echoing my thoughts exactly. Take a look at this OLD picture, the widest part of my hips is the actual joint, which is where my thumb is in the picture.

If you drew a verticle line then my shoulder joint doesnt extent past my hip joint which i have never seen on another male. My 1rm for bench press is about 175, yates row 220, deadlift 360, squat not sure but have done 230 or so before. I’ve been on shit routines like SS, at the moment im training 4 days/week split back,bi/chest,tri/legs/shoulders,arms.

My arms grew half an inch with the first 7lb i gained on this bulk and i thought i was training right to even out my upper body, but then they totally stopped growing. I feel that i would need a solid 20lbs on my upper body to make it look slightly proportional.

That’s kind of a crappy picture, but nothing looks horribly off to me. SS is not a bad routine. Quit whining.

[quote]stinger70 wrote:
bench press is about 175 [/quote]

Your upper body is small because you are weak.

Your lower body isn’t big either. Your hips are fine, your shoulders are fine. Stop whining and just go lift.

Yeah because im struggling to build muscle in my upper body. If i was strong my upper body would be big…but i cant make it get strong or big, thats the whole point! Everything gets shuttled into my lower body as fat and or muscle. The structure is totally unbalanced, there are MUCH lighter guys in the gym with broader shoulders who look bigger than me. my ass/hips are 43" the same as my chest, thats not “fine.”

how many pull ups can you do?

Just one if im lucky. With palms facing i can do a few but not perfect form. Now that you mention it that is probably the best way to show how poor my weight distribution is. Most untrained guys can do a few pullups.

i facepalm.

SOME guys can do one without training… but other guys can’t.

the fact that you haven’t been working your ASS off on your pullups (I don’t care what grip you use) shows that you don’t even have much of a freaking idea what to do to train your upper body!!!

your sister is yanking your chain (oh yeah bro, your ass totally looks too big) because… she can. because it gets to you. i don’t know if you started it by complaining or she started it ,but either body image issues run in the family or she is winding you up.


you look like a regular guy who isn’t too fat and isn’t too skinny who… doesn’t even lift.

if you really are obsessing greatly over your upper body then get your ass to a kids playground where you can climb and swing (part of the reason why the lower body doesn’t atrophy from disuse the way the upper body does is because of this little thing we do called lower body ambulation).

and get your ass on a decent (aka: properly rounded) program. a properly rounded program will (to your distorted eyes) look lower body dominant. the thing is… if you work your body as one piece (do your squats and deads) then you will look alright. but if you obsess about imbalaces now and waste your time doing movements you (with your distorted image) think you need then… well… my prediction to you is you will look fairly much as you do now.

I used to try and do pullups, but i could never manage enough to make an actual decent set, so i focused on BB rows and DB rows instead. Not every routine includes pullups, and most say if you cant do them use lat pulldowns instead.

Its not just her who comments on my proportion, i just used that as an example, she knows nothing about lifting and absently mindedly made that comment. I would never mention it to people, but no end have commented on how huge my ass is. It’s that obvious that numerous people comment for no reason. You are right i dont look like i lift, but i’ve been doing it for almost 2 years and i still havent reached the size of someone that doesnt lift.

Ever since i started training i have never NOT done either squats, deads or both, and i dont look alright, so that argument is invalid. I’ve never been a chest and biceps only guy, infact i never worked arms for the first 6 months or more, and they didnt grow until i started.

531 bodybuilding template, do the minimum on squat days and hammer the assistance work on bench and press days

That is what i based my routine off actually. Only difference is i no longer do OHP or BB bench, i use DBs, and i dont use the 531 rep scheme for main lifts because i can still progress faster than that especially in deadlift, so it makes sense to do so. It is a good routine.

So i am training right and eating right, but visual progress is so fucking slow and i somehow need to lose the fat in my lower body without losing the modest size that i have built on the upper body. I feel like its probably hormone related.

[quote]stinger70 wrote:
That is what i based my routine off actually. Only difference is i no longer do OHP or BB bench, i use DBs, and i dont use the 531 rep scheme for main lifts because i can still progress faster than that especially in deadlift, so it makes sense to do so. It is a good routine. So i am training right and eating right, but visual progress is so fucking slow and i somehow need to lose the fat in my lower body without losing the modest size that i have built on the upper body. I feel like its probably hormone related.[/quote]

You need to get your numbers up, if you bench 175 that means you’re a rank beginner. If you get on a 5/3/1 template and stick to it EXACTLY for 6 months I guarantee you will be much stronger and have added mass to boot.

Post PROPER pics. One where we can actually properly see your whole body (blank your face if you want). Post from the back and front the front and from both sides. That way people can see you properly. That way when we tell you what we honestly think you won’t be able to ignore us as easily.

To me… From the pic you posted… You look like a regular guy. I’ve seen some unfortunate people at the gym who have freaky long arms, freaky long femurs, freaky big heads, freaky small heads… All kinds of weird athropomentry’s. I’ve seen unfortunate guys at the gym who have man boobs and huge swollen guts. I’ve seen guys at the gym with huge upper body’s on piddly little chicken stick legs… From what I can see from the pic you have posted… You don’t stand out as being oddly proportioned or carrying fat in an odd distribution. You don’t look weird at all. You look like a regular guy who doesn’t even lift.

I’ve NEVER seen a guy with an overdeveloped lower body compared to their upper body. Never. I’ve heard a lot of guys complain that this is how they look… There are numerous threads about this over on the bodybuilding forum and on rate my physique… Some guys really do seem to obsess that their ass is too big along with the (typical) obsession that their arms and chest are too small…

The thing is that I’ve NEVER seen a guy with a lower body too big relative to their upper body. I’ve seen guys (like you) who could of course stand to add some mass to their upper body… But your glutes and hamstrings aren’t looking overdeveloped to me… I’m really not at all sure what you are fussing about…

My lower body is not overdeveloped, but all my fat has gone there. my legs are respectable comparing to others of my height and weight they are not bad at all, but this is about my hips and ass im not saying my legs are way too muscular for my body like most people say, if i had narrow hips and less fat around them then my legs would look fine. Apart from obese people, i literally have the biggest ass in the entire gym. I will try and get some better pictures.

yes, please do post pictures of your fat ass. the fattest ass in the whole gym.

IF your ass is bigger than accipiters when he was on his bulk then you, sir, win a prize!

i hate to break it to you… but your upper body ain’t looking all that lean, either, you know. i bet i can grab some flab from your triceps and round your scap…

Now… since you are on a bulk I wouldn’t worry about it. i’m NOT calling you a fatso… I’m just saying that from what I can see… Your lower body ain’t looking any fatter than your upper body… And um… Your lower body ain’t looking like its got much more muscular mass on it than your upper body, either. I’m not seeing huge glutes or hamstrings ready to pop at me when you do the (relatively easy) deal of cleaning up your diet and dropping the puppy fat.

I honestly do think that you have a distorted self image…

But by all means… Post proper pics and see what others besides me have to say about it all…

post your diet, too.

be honest. around how many calories per day? around how many grams of protein?

and how much your strength has gone up on your main lifts in the last 2 years…

(because that shows us something of how you have pushed your body hard in your training and forced it to get stronger)