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Storing Vials in 80+ Degree Heat? Longevity of Unopened T Vials?

Morning guys, hope everyone is staying safe.

Couple of basic questions here, my apartment complex is finally turning on our AC’s at some point this week, we have hit a heat wave and it has been in the high 80’s and it will be in the low 90’s today and tomorrow ETC. My apartment retains heat and it has been getting to about 83 degrees or so in there, me and my girl have been using a powerful fan to circulate air ETC windows open. Will this cause any harm to my vials? I have them stored in the original boxes and they stay wrapped in a sock and in a drawer away from light in our bedroom.

Also, I have a couple of extra bottles and will be getting more extra soon because of new regulation with my pharmacy. How long do unopened vials stay potent and usable? It says to discard after one year on the bottle? Anyway as usual thank you all for any advice.

They’re good for a long time, mine sit in higher heat than that and so far no issues (I’ve been on a few years now)

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thanks buddy

You can store in the refrigerator, just make sure to warm them up before injection because crystallization can occur.