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Storing Testosterone in Fridge?


I vaguely remember people saying they stored testosterone in their refrigerator. Is this true? I tried to do a search for this, and nothing (that I could see) came up. Any help is appreciated.



Do I even need to refrigerate this?


Nothing came up as its just not the proper place to store it.
Keep it cool and out of direct sunlight.


Yea, room temp. is fine- as long as room temp isn't 90 degrees.


Actually if you live in a hot environment (tropics) you can store in the refrigerator but in the warmer section for vegetables.


I know some people are still wondering WHY they shouldn't do it, and they don't know, so they'll do it just to be safe. Well, for those people, as the testosterone solution is cooled the solubility decreases, and after a certain point the testosterone (or whatever else is in solution) will come out of solution and recrystalize. This can be anything from your solution looking cloudy to seeing actual crystals form. If this happens the solution can be heated to dissolve everything again.


Just got slapped with some science ..thanks Schwarz


Excellent Swarz


Good to know. Thanks for the replies


I live in a house with no insulation and during the summer it is the tropics. Well over 90 degrees in many rooms. So I will probably need to store my gear in the fridge. What kind of heating are you talking about? If you mean putting it in a glass of hot water, I'm already doing that. Are there other precautions?

And I'm one of those who has never had this question answered properly: There are no real negative consequences to putting your gear in the fridge. Right? Can someone answer this for me with a yes or no?


The fact that your solution can re-crystalize is certainly a negative effect. You think you get a little soreness from that bit of oil in your backside-- turn that liquid partially into a solid and tell me how that feels.


now im worried, it was over 90 degrees a couple of weeks ago. do you guys think my test went bad?


Jesus Christ, steroids won't go bad in 90 degree weather. It would have to be extremely hot (read: unlivable) to cause thermal damage to the steroid molecules. The oil may go rancid, but essentially this means it has more free radicals floating around, though it won't affect the integrity of the steroid dissolved therein.

As far as fridge being bad, no. Cold may cause the steroid to recrystallize, but by heating on a hotplate it will go back into solution. You can't use injectable steroids unless they are fully dissolved or you have a really large needle.


And a higher than normal pain tolerance....


One guy on gotfina.com was talking about having to use an 18G needle every time now because of so much built up scar tissue. Holy shit!


My training partner is like that. He does most of his injections on the right ass-cheek and thigh (because he's missing a few fingers on his left hand).


Thanks to an IED, it sucks for me to have to inject my left ass cheek. The right side isn't bad at all though.


How many years of AAS use did it take him to reach that point? I am not looking forward to that.